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Educating Students and Educators to embrace change and change the world


Welcome!  My name is Sandra Picacio-Hernandez and I am a graduate student at Lamar University majoring in Digital Learning and Leadership.  I chose to pursue a Masters Degree to enhance my skills in the classroom and potentially further my career.  For the past 16 years I have truly loved servicing 3- to 4-year old children with special needs as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher.  

By browsing my e-Portfolio, you will discover insight into my experiences as a classroom teacher, colleague, and my hopes for change in education.   You will be able to view discussion responses, assignments, and projects that I have fostered while pursuing my masters degree.  I consciously refrained from saying “assignments/projects that I have completed”.  

I say this because as I am, my thoughts/writings are works in progress!  As we all are! I am constantly evolving and pushing myself to be a better colleague and educator.  I thank you for your interest and welcome questions and/or comments for growth.

Latest from the Blog

Social Media and Leading with Love

As a Preschool teacher I am seeing first hand the draw of the internet and social media on kids as young as three- and four-years old.  With our Littles having access to ipads, YouTube and Twitter are just a tap away.   The other day in my classroom, I heard a group of Littles talking…

Hudson Institute reflection and Copyright/Fair Use

After reading the Hudson Institute’s white paper, I agree with the authors’ case for modernization of the Copyright Office and in turn separating it from the Library of Congress.  The authors contend that the placement of the U.S. Copyright Office in the Library of Congress back in 1870 is an arrangement that is sorely outdated,…

Navigating the Information Highway

Access to the internet and the know-how to navigate it are huge threats to a students’ personal lives and educational opportunities.  A glaring example surfaced as we faced Covid-19 in our school district.  There were a few campuses, non-Title I, who had 1:1 devices implemented on their campus well before the pandemic.  When the pandemic…

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